Top 7 easy to maintain houseplants

Easy to care for houseplants

If you want to improve the living environment in your home, add houseplants, which can be done in every room of your house: bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, attic room, etc. You want the plants to give the best results and receive the right care. Plants of the best quality are essential and you can find them directly from the Dutch grower at EuroLeafs! If you are a beginner in caring for houseplants, choose easy-to-maintain houseplants. You will find these in our range. View the top 7 easiest-to-maintain houseplants below. Which of these plants would you like to bring into your home? In addition to these top 7, there are of course many more plants that you can keep alive and enjoy to the fullest with a little attention and some tips that you can find in our online store.

Top 7 houseplants that you can safely purchase as a beginner:

  • Monstera 
  • Dracaena
  • Calathea
  • Ferns
  • Aloe vera
  • Musa
  • Pancake plant

You can choose to make your own top 7 of previous experiences with houseplants that you have had for a long time without requiring much care.You can also visit our online store and put houseplants that you like on a list with the required care. Which houseplants will they be? Which plants will thrive in your home with little care? Factors such as the air quality in the house (heating, ventilation), drafts (almost all plants are affected by this) and the incidence of light play a major role, so always take this into account.

Top 7 houseplants that “always do well”

A list of houseplants “that always do well”:

  • lady's tongue or sanseveria, the nickname student plant sufficiently indicates that this plant does not need much attention
  • cactus, an unprecedented number of varieties available, most die from too much water, causing the roots to rot
  • scindapsus, hanging plant or climbing plant, beautiful leaves, avoid a place with direct sunlight, give plenty of water
  • schefflera, very graceful leaves, no direct sunlight but plenty of daylight (not in front of the window on the windowsill but a few meters away), slightly poisonous
  • anthurium, red flowering or white
  • dieffenbachia, be careful with children and pets, this plant is very beautiful but poisonous
  • aglaonema, this plant is also very beautiful but poisonous, also works well as an office plant

Are there actually difficult plants? If you read the information per plant carefully and act accordingly, the houseplants will surprise you with their beautiful leaves. General tips:

  • be careful with watering, they usually get too much and the roots rot as a result
  • Most plants do not like too bright sunlight, protect them against it  
  • ensure that plants have a clear position and do not touch the environment with their leaves
  • When purchasing, take into account where you want to place the plants and buy plants of the best quality online from a grower or a garden center
  • have plants delivered to your home, so that they do not suffer from transport

Maintaining houseplants without green fingers

Do you want houseplants in your home, but don't think you can keep them alive? Forget that quickly, because you can do it even without green fingers. Simply start by purchasing houseplants that thrive under all conditions. Those green fingers come naturally. You can even become addicted to it and keep bringing new plants into your home.

Share the joy that plants give with others and exchange experiences. Visit our online store regularly to read all the news. New plants are being added all the time. In addition to being an online store, EuroLeafs is also a source of information that you can contact at any time. You can enjoy shopping there. Place an order online and have the houseplants delivered to your home quickly and easily. The plants arrive at your home undamaged, it couldn't be easier. Tip: having a plant sent as a gift via the website is also an option. Who are you going to surprise with a beautiful houseplant? See what is possible, with or without a card, with or without a beautiful pot?